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Things To Do After Moving Into A New Home

by Bastien Muris

Let’s take a look at some moving tips and how to handle certain things as soon as you move into your new home.

Schedule A Deep Clean

Your first thought may be to deep clean your new home. You can do it yourself or you may want to forgo scrubbing floors and hire a cleaning service instead. A cleaning service typically costs $40 – $50 per hour, depending on the size of your home, the location and the type of cleaning you need. It’s a good idea to interview house cleaners ahead of time before you make a decision about the cleaner you prefer.

Unpack Your Supplies

When you have moving boxes sitting around in every room in your house from the moving company, your first reaction may be to jump in and start taking things out of every box you see. You may want to resist that impulse, however, because it can get overwhelming quickly. It’s a good idea to consider having an organized system at hand, such as putting boxes that belong in each room and unpacking two at a time.

You may also want to consider unpacking the most important boxes first, such as kitchen and bathroom supplies. Prioritizing the rooms you’ll use the most will help you stay organized while you’re going through the process of unpacking.

Set Up Safety Measures For Kids And Pets

Is your new house safe for children and pets? Put up safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, add outlet covers, secure heavy furniture to the wall, keep furniture away from windows, stow long electrical and window cords and lock cabinets and windows to keep kids and pets out.

Keep cleaners and detergents, trash bins, heavy cookware and sharp objects out of reach. Keep any other dangerous packing supplies away from both kids and pets.

Change House Locks

It’s important for brand-new homeowners to change their house locks once they move in. You don’t know who has keys to the home besides the previous homeowner, who could have passed out a dozen copies of the keys and given them to various friends and neighbors. It’s better to put yourself in control of your home’s security. Get new house locks as soon as possible.

Get A Security System Installed

Consider installing a home security system in your new house right away. It will give you peace of mind when you move into a new neighborhood.

You’ll pay for the cost of equipment, activation and installation cost and a monthly fee. The cost of equipment ;

Update Your Address

In the hubbub of everything going on when you move into your home, updating your address through the post office might be the last thing on your mind. It’s a good idea to get your change of address done as soon as possible at USPS.com/move so you don’t miss out on any important mail during the process of moving. You don’t want to spend 2 weeks moving only to realize that you haven’t paid specific bills that haven’t been getting in the mail!

A Final Checklist For After Your Move

Here’s the final checklist of things to do after moving. You may want to copy and paste it, store it on your phone or print it out so you have a checklist in plain sight:

  1. Schedule a deep clean.
  2. Unpack your supplies.
  3. Set up safety measures for kids and pets.
  4. Change house locks.
  5. Get a security system installed.
  6. Test your smoke detectors and HVAC system.
  7. Update your address.
  8. Transfer utilities.
  9. Set up connectivity – TV, internet and phone services.
  10. Get a new license and register your car.
  11. Update your important documentation.
  12. Find a new health care provider and transfer your medical records.
  13. Schedule home improvements.
  14. Tailor your new area to you.
  15. Connect with new neighbors

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